I would just like to thank Dr. Gaurav a. Patel and his staff for a truly amazing experience. For years I have had to wait to get implants done and with great fear. I would just like other patients like myself to know that there was nothing to fear at all. It was a very pleasant and pain free experience. Dr. Gaurav A. Patel has been blessed with an amazing gift which I am very grateful for. Thank you for changing my life forever. Sharon S. | Wood Dale, IL

I had reached the point of desperation dealing with my dental problems. Dr. Gaurav A. Patel not only has met my expectations, he has vastly exceeded my expectations in resolving these difficulties. Thanks so very much to him and his wonderful staff. Margaret S. |  Hoffman Estates, IL

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible work you did on my tooth. You turned something that could have been a terrible ordeal into a really great experience! The extraction was so untraumatic. I had insignificant pain (I took two Advil when I got home, then nothing else), and virtually no swelling (I iced my mouth on and off for 6 - 8 hours after, and it was fine)! Using my old tooth as the temporary replacement worked great. The best part was nobody ever knew my tooth was being replaced unless I told them. Even then, they still had a hard time seeing it. My new tooth looks great and the gum line is perfect! I couldn't be more satisfied! Thanks Again! Sharon N. | Hoffman Estates, IL

As a kid I was terrified of dentists…they always caused major pain. When I was 14 years old I lost all my teeth to a disease and began wearing dentures…which was the best thing ever for me…no more pain. 30 years later I noticed that my bone structure was almost gone and I was having a difficult time supporting dentures. Oh boy, now what do I do? My research led me to implants and bone grafting. I interviewed and consulted with numerous dentists in regards to inplants. When I met with Dr. Gaurav A. Patel and his team, I immediately felt that my mouth was in the best hands. Dr. Gaurav A. Patel and his team of doctor and lab technician rebuilt my mouth with bone grafting and implants. I’m so happy with the results; my smile rocks! and eating is so enjoyable or should I say chewing. All this excitement from someone who was afraid of dentists. Dr. Gaurav A. Patel and his team are the best. Maria T. | Itasca, IL

Dr. Gaurav A. Patel has provided me with a beautiful smile. He has done this out of his vast knowledge of dentistry, dedication to his field and patients, and overall caring nature! Joanna P. | Des Plaines, IL